What’s climate change got to do with frog ebola?

Latest research from my Masters supervisor, Dr. Price. Interesting analysis of the inter-relationships between climate change, infectious disease and biodiversity.

Going viral - a world of infections

For ten years I’ve been working on a viral disease of amphibians (and sometimes reptiles and fish) caused by ranaviruses. We’ve just published some new research showing how changes to the climate have been facilitating the spread of this disease and leading to some very serious outcomes for UK frogs. This blog post briefly covers the background to this important wildlife disease and the findings of this latest research.

  • ranavirus disease (ranavirosis) is a pretty nasty viral disease in frogs, typified by systemic haemorrhaging
    • what that means is the frogs bleed throughout their bodies, something akin to what can be seen in the human disease caused by ebola virus.
  • Diseased animals usually die.
  • The disease is already widespread in England, where it kills the adult frogs, and has been shown to have caused population numbers to decline by more than 80% in ponds in south-east England…

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